General information of ASBS18

 About Analog Synth Builders’ Summit

It is an event that domestic and overseas electronic musical instruments enthusiasts bring their own electronic musical instruments and exchange exhibitions and presentations. Although the keyword “analog synth” comes from the background of the event occurrence, not only analog synths but also electronic instruments in general, including digital (hardware and software), instruments incorporating mechanical technology, instruments including acoustic elements, Including all crafts, art, etc, are targeted at “all of DIY on electronic musical instruments”.


Sat. Nov. 24, 2018


asbs_sp13113rd conference room, Science Museum

Time schedule

  • 10:50 Open
  • 11:00 Start
    • 11:00 presentation I (- 12:00)
    • 13:00 presentation II (- 14:00)
  • 17:00 Close
  • 18:30 Convivial party (- 22:00)


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