6th Analog Synth Builders’ Summit

Nov. 18, 2006 in at Studio FEATHER in Kôraku Tokyo Japan

15 DIYers and their friends participated in this event. Exhibited DIY synths there were of great variety.
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Synth DIY …gan

Shin’s all-out modular synth system.
houshu’s synth that CMOS is built into all modules.
RJB’s one board synth driven in 5V single power supply.
The modular synth of abe who is this web site owner is made in 70’s.
CA3080’s modular synth.
New VCFs added it.
gan’s synth is made in 80’s.
It is incomplete, however, it makes deep sounds.
takeda’s mini cabinets.
There is a MIDI-CV I/F that uses CPU of one dollar.
Spectacle of event site.