10th Analog Synthesizer Builders' Summit Party
Nov. 21, 2010 in Tachikawa Tokyo Japan, Amu Tashitawa

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Sponsor :
Third-year improved ribbon controller and sound module monotron++, a heavily modified Korg monotron.
Takeda's performance.
Sponsor : gaje
Optical organ generates great analog sound from rotating film disk with recorded waveforms.
Sponsor : REON Co., Ltd.
Driftbox Modular Synthesizer, Flagship model of Driftbox series.
Sponsor : NIGHT-GPAGER Co., Ltd.
Synth with machined aluminum panel.
Magnet fake synths and paper craft synths.
Sponsor : nao@denha's channel
A lot of compact synths and controllers.
The movement of rolling steal balls generates trigger signal.
houshu Orm
It is patchable though it is very small. Additional modules are removable, and it easily goes back to the original Monotron. Assembled PAIA P9700 kit with masa921's VCO.
Chuck toucyy
"A' synthesizer". It is based on Analog 2.0 by Gaje with many original modules and modifications.
Anvs Modular has a turntable VCO which controls rotation speed of the turntable by ribbon controller.
Pitch control of waveforms on a vinyl disk enables melodic performance.
Ono Tapioca-nabe
MIDIBOX SID. A MIDI controllable sound module based on Commodore 64. Modular synth, Nabe No.1 and No.2, and Necktie type noise synth.
Modular synth system built from 1977. Dual-contact keyboard unit that is difficult to get these days.

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